Terms and Conditions

All products in the Profile Store are manufactured and developed in accordance with EU, European Union, standards and regulations. If there are deviations from these standards and regulations, this is stated in regards to the respective product. All our protective products (PPE) in the Workwear Collection adhere to European safety standards. 
It is always the buyer´s responsibility to ensure that the products adhere to local regulations outside EU.

In the event of shortages or defects in the delivered products, the customer is only entitled to receive a new product free of cost. In addition, the customer does not have the right to compensation for damages incurred, whether this is for the cost of handling the defect/shortage or for loss of profits or other indirect damages or compensation for claims from a third party. General regulations regarding Force Majeure apply. Possible disputes shall be decided in a Swedish court of law as the first instance and under Swedish law.

Prices: All prices shown exclude VAT and freight for B2B customers and including VAT for private consumers within EU, European Union.
Payment: Invoice 60 days net for all Atlas Copco employees buying products for B2B purposes. Distributors and Customers pay with credit card. 
Private consumers within EU pay with credit card. 
Due to VAT and duty reasons, Creon Promotion AB cannot accept orders from private consumers outside EU, European Union. 
Return of goods, damaged goods, quality complaints: If a customer wish to return and refund the goods, then this must be done in the products original packing within 14 days after the goods was originally received. The buyer will in this case pay for transportation costs originated in the purchase and the return.
If another product than the ordered is delivered to customer, or if the product is damaged or in other case defect, then the customer must issue a deficiency report immediately upon receiving the goods stating clearly in what way the goods are defect. Creon will then refund the payment.
Delivery terms: Ordered products are sent within 48 hours for B2B customers and within 4-5 days for private consumers.
Responsibilities during transport When transporting goods from supplier to customer, the supplier holds responsibility if the goods get damaged or lost during transportation. When transporting goods from customer to supplier, the customer is responsible if the goods get damaged or lost. 

Creon Organisation Number: 5565751061

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 55358249