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Chocolate Squares, In Gift Box

Chocolate Squares

Handyman Pencil BluePrint

Pencil BluePrint

Ballpoint Pen BluePrint

PET Ballpoint Pen Add One

BluePrint Signature Pen

Water for All 2-in-1 lanyard

Lanyard of Recycled PET

Lanyard Eco Add One

Bottle Opener Key Ring

Bag Hanger

Sunglasses BluePrint

Phone Pop Socket BluePrint


Brighton Watch

Atlascopcosaurus Stone

Atlascopcosaurus Loadsi Knitted

Gift Wrap Paper

Satin Band

Gift Bag Small BluePrint

Gift Bag Large BluePrint

PET Foldable Bag

Recycled Plastic Bag BluePrint

Recycled PP-Woven Bag BP

Blue Ribbon

White Ribbon

Water Bottle Poseidon

Extra measures have been taken to reduce environmental impact, or increase overall community benefit.
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Event Specific Items

  • Total: 31

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